Friday, 30 December 2016

Writers: Book Self Publishers Often Fail on Typesetting

The idea of self-publishing one’s own book has really made it very simple and easy for a lot of writers to pursue their dream career. Previously, the process was very tedious and financially demanding for writers to get their books published. This was largely due to the fact that there were very few publishing houses around and they always wanted to work with the already established writers. Even in those days, one thing that these traditional publishing houses never took lightly was typesetting. They realized that typesetting was a very important part of any book.
These days, book self-publishing has come to replace those traditional publishing houses and make the whole process of becoming an established writer very simple. Agencies like and Create Space are always mentioned when it comes to the issue of helping writers to self-publish their own books. However, although these are two book self-publishing service providers, there are certain things that make them completely different from each other.
Over the years, Create Space has always been viewed as being very similar to by a lot of writers. However, this is a very big mistake and a complete misconception. As a writer based in Toronto, it is very essential for you to seek for the services of a professional book self-publishing agency like in order to meet the high standards that readers look in published books. As a reader, great typesetting is very necessary a good book whilst as a writer, great typesetting holds the key to mass marketability.
Although and Create Space are recognized as self-publishing agencies, is miles ahead of Create Space in the following ways;
·         They provide you with the best and professional typesetting services that ensure your book is able to reach its projected number of copies to be sold which is sadly not the case with Create Space.
·         They provide their clients (writers) with book self-publishing services that make the writer an integral part of the whole process. However, Create Space lacks in this area.
·         At, they see to it that your book always comes out with the best quality control measures to boost its marketability which is the complete opposite at Create Space.
·         Moreover, whilst Create Space provides self-publishing services that can only be accessed online, on the other hand provides services that include face-to-face interactions with writers at convenient locations throughout Toronto. This makes it very easy and simple for them to really tailor their services to suit your specific needs.

These are just a few of the ways through which differs from Create Space. It is therefore up to you as an up-and-coming writer to realize which of these book self-publishing service providers really allows you to easily reach your goals. So instead of prematurely ending your writing career by opting for the book self-publishing services of Create Space, make the positive decision of going with in order to have a long-lasting career as an established and well-recognized writer.

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